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Business Continuity Management/ ISO 22301 Gap Analysis 
Get the true picture of your business continuity management program and how you measure up against the requirements of ISO 22301. Receive expert advice on scoping your BCMS project and establish resource requirements for implementing a BCMS.
Business Continuity Management/ ISO 22301 Gap Analysis
With our ISO 22301 Gap Analysis you will be provided with an informed assessment of the:
• Gaps in your business continuity management arrangement against the best practice standard, ISO 22301
• Proposed scope of your business continuity management system (BCMS)
• Internal resource requirements for successfully deploying a BCMS project
• Potential timeline to achieve certification readiness

What your Gap Analysis with CAM Business Solutions will deliver
An ISO 22301 specialist will interview key managers, assess your current BCM arrangements, and review your existing BCM policies and procedures for relevancy, effectiveness and efficiency to determine any potential areas for improvement against the requirements of ISO 22301.
You will then receive a gap analysis report that collates the findings of this assessment. The report will detail areas requiring compliance and improvement, as well as providing further recommendations for compliance with ISO 22301.

The gap analysis report includes:
• An analysis of the overall state and maturity of your business continuity arrangements;
• Specific details of the gaps between the current business continuity arrangements and the requirements of ISO 22301;
• Options for the scope of an effective ISO 22301-compliant BCMS, and how these options help to meet your business and strategic objectives
• An action plan that outlines and indicates the level of internal management effort required to implement and maintain an ISO 22301-compliant BCMS; and
• A compliance status report (red/amber/green) against the management system clauses (clause-by-clause), as well as the business continuity controls (control-by-control) described in ISO 22301:2012

What makes a customized gap analysis more effective?
A customized gap analysis performed by one of our ISO 22301 specialists provides you with a high level of expert analysis and detailed insights that you wouldn’t receive with a questionnaire-based gap analysis.
With a gap analysis you will:
• Have a clear idea of the proposed scope for your BCMS project
• Be able to set informed and realistic project expectations based on the specific requirements of your organization
• Obtain detailed and customized information necessary to develop a strong business case for implementing an ISO 22301-compliant BCMS

The price quoted is applicable for organizations with up to 250 employees and one major site (location).
The fee excludes any additional expenses such as travel or accommodation, if necessary. The time required to complete the gap analysis often depends on the size and complexity of the organization, but the final report will normally be delivered within ten working days of the initial site visit(s)/online assessment. If the exercise is likely to take longer than this because of organizational complexity, we will tell you at the outset.

Business Continuity Management/ ISO 22301 Gap Analysis
Business Continuity Management/ ISO 22301 Gap Analysis
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Business Continuity Management/ ISO 22301 Gap Analysis
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