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The Cloud Has a Lot to Offer
But One Solution Doesn't Fit All Businesses.

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Avi Bachar,
CFO - Sensis Agency, Los Angeles
We needed IT Leadership and a Cloud Strategy that our staff IT person couldn't develop for us. CAM delivered on the Leadership and getting us from depending on buying a Server every few years, to Office 365 with Skype for Business, Evernote, and Slack as a functioning work IT infrastructure HYBRID with our existing Server for a few locally required solutions. 

Without CAM's guidance and experience to craft the right combination of solutions for us, we would be hurting. It took some convincing but with time, patience, and support, we have been able to blossom! 

Thanx the CAM Team! 
Wanna Take Advantage of the Cloud for Your Business?
Not sure which solutions best for you? 
New business technologies emerge every day. To quickly deploy productivity tools and remain competitive, you need flexible, scalable IT infrastructure in place. 

The low cost and high availability of cloud services enable you to compete with established industry players. Choosing an experienced IT support partner to help design and execute your cloud strategy will prepare you for long-term success.

Let CAM Provide you and your Staff, in house or remote, with the Helpful friendly IT Help Desk they meed to focus on their jobs!

  •  Connect and empower your team - Give your team access to critical applications and files from anywhere. Flexible clou
  •  Customize cloud solutions to your needs - Your small business is unique. Your cloud solutions should reflect the way your team operates and where your business is headed. Our cloud experts work with you to design a cloud strategy that makes sense for your needs and budget
  •  Gain powerful functionalities on any budget - Cloud services can actually cut your monthly IT costs. SugarShot implements cloud technologies to mobilize your workforce and cushion your bottom line.
  •  Scale IT with your business - Choose from on-site or hosted services from our virtual terminal server, and quickly scale your cloud solutions as your business grows and adapts.
Amplify productivity and collaboration with cloud computing services from CAM
Some nice things people have said about CAM
"If left up to me we'd be using files, faxes, and calling each other more. But we needed to work with people who demanded tools we didn't have to attract the right talent. Mention the ability to work remotely and now we have all kinds of talented people. Ok, I'm sold Mike! Thanx for being patient with us"
Linda Shaver - Office Manager  
Neurology Consultants Medical Group
"We had to learn the hard way. Or old IT vendor wasn't checking our backups and we trusted them. We had fire and suffered water damage in the server room. Lost the server, which was fine. But we thought we had a FULL BACKUP. Bu the "Full backup" only contained some of the data, and it was outdated, which left it useless. 

we spent an entire summer of evenings and weekends making up the loss work. Re-entering orders and Re-Creating deals based off emails. We lost our best Sales Person as a result.

Now we have a Redundant Cloud System that get's checked against our actual needs, since they change based on the vendors we use. CAM Manages our Backups and got us setup for the next disaster. " 
Lisa - Operations Manager
Cedar Signature Holdings
HIPAA Compliance Client Sudha Govindarajan
"These guys are the experts. Trust em!"
Kent Pressberg - CEO
PK Nevada 
How are Businesses Using the Cloud?
Cloud Solutions Come in Many Forms

There are many cloud services that could benefit your business. We offer cloud solutions that cover the following areas:
  • Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity 
  • Cloud VoIP Solutions
  •  Desktop-as-a-Service 
  •  ERP
  •  Intranets
  •  Application Server Resource Hosting
  •  Database Servers 
  • Data Storage and Backups
  •  Email and Messaging 
  •  Cyber Security Solutions
  •  Collaboration Workforce
  •  Global Workforce 
  •  VPN
  •  Compliance Solutions 
  •  And more!
Although cloud services originated as storage solutions, they now offer businesses a host of options, such as cloud-based email, servers, applications and desktops. 
Cloud Consulting for Small and Medium Sized Companies
3 P's of IT Risk Management 
People, Policy and Procedures are the three buckets that drive IT Risk Resilience
They can also be its downfall. A Business Continuity Plan formalizes your company’s IT policies, procedures and precautions to minimize downtime should the worst happen. It’s basically risk management in action on a daily basis. 

You are managing potential risks that could impair or jeopardize your business IT. What are those risks? They can be anything from viruses or equipment failure to fire, hurricane or other natural disaster. More often than not, it falls into the camp of human error. 

CAM's Team assess your business infrastructure, operations and environment to develop and deploy a Business Continuity Plan tailored to your company needs. 
IT Risk Assessment Business Continuity Solutions
The risk of doing nothing?
“System failures happen only to big companies with complex networks” - Some people
Your IT system doesn’t know if it’s a Fortune 500 corporation or a small start-up. All it knows is that it sees a lot of traffic going back and forth over the Internet, email, intranet, mobile devices and the server network that exposes your company to risk, regardless of its size. 

A Business Continuity Plan from CAM includes data back-up and recovery procedures – an essential aspect of operating a healthy business. 
We work with you to back-up your system locally and/or remotely depending on the size, complexity and needs of your business. From stress-free administration of your data backups to enterprise-grade security encryption and everything in-between, taking steps to protect your data is the goal of our business continuity planning services.
CAM Migrate B 2 B Collections Service Provider from Citrix to VMWare with Cisco and Hosted Environment for 90 International Users 
Read about a recent project we took on where we need to migrate an entire environment with minimal documentation and completely new and different infrastructure. Over a weekend with minimal downtime! Yeah, that happened!
Michael Bowers, President CAM Business Solutions
Michael Bowers, Forbes Los Angeles Business Council
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