Compliance as a Solutions
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Compliance as a Solution for HIPAA, PCI, and ISO 27000 Covered Entities
CAM offers a Full Service suite of Compliance Solutions ranging from Managed Cyber Security Solutions onto Virtualization / Virtual Workplaces, onto Policies and Procedures as well as Audit and Request for Information from Vendors, Carriers, and Partners. 
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HIPAA Compliance as a Solutions
HIPAA Compliance as a Solution
CAM has been offering HIPAA Solutions to Covered entities since 2006! We have sourced the Best of Breed solutions for our clients based on the specific needs of the environments. One Size Does NOT Fit All when it comes to HIPAA or any type of Compliance solutions! 
PCI Compliance as a Solution
PCI Compliance as a Solution
When it comes to PCI compliance for our clients we don't cut any corners when it comes to solutions. The better the solution, the better our lives are. Managing the Cyber Security and Environmental variables tends to be the most common needs after Network Hardening with true Firewalls and the implementation of PCI-DDS Best Practices Recommendations!
ISO 27000 Compliance as a Service
ISO 27000 / GDPR Compliance as a Solution
Now that we have GDPR requirements, those that fell under ISO compliance are now finding themselves under GDPR regulations. We work with our clients to protect and manage their international workforce and assets. 
Knowing where the data is at all times, who has access to what, and being alerted when there is a breach along with policies to respond are at the heart of our Compliance as a SOLUTION offerings!
Does your IT partner have your Compliance interest in mind? 
Here is a webinar that we conducted educating the viewers about the types of statements they should be hearing from their IT Partner letting them know they have their Compliance best interest in mind. 

Sudha Govindarajan MD

"Since having CAM manage our HIPAA compiance after a Data Breach 7 years ago, we have been worry free since! It's nice to know there are no stupid questions! Thanx guys☺"

Doctor Andrew Streiber says:

It's allowed me to refocus on being the best Dr I know how to be while knowing my IT needs are being addressed quickly and Professionally

Michael Bowers, President CAM Business Solutions
Michael Bowers, Forbes Los Angeles Business Council
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